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How to add a website in Hostinger hPanel

In this article, we will see adding a website to a recently purchased domain name in Hostinger hPanel

To create a new website or add a website to your hosting account, first, make sure that you have purchased the domain name separately. Only domains that are not assigned can be used to point to the new website.

Steps to add a website from hPanel

Click on Websites and choose to Create or migrate a website:

How to add a website in Hostinger hPanel
Website option in hPanel

You will be guided through the process of building a new website or migrating an existing one. To create a new website, select Build a website:

How to add a website in Hostinger hPanel
Create a new website in hPanel

Next, select the platform you want to use for developing your website, such as WordPress, Hostinger Website Builder or other CMS. You can also skip these options if you prefer to start from scratch.

Then, fill required information and insert the domain name. After completing the steps, you’ll be able to manage the new website from your hosting account 😊


  • Adding a domain as an add-on is not the same as getting ownership over the domain. You need to purchase a domain separately
  • If you want to use a domain purchased elsewhere as an add-on domain, make sure it’s pointing to Hostinger nameservers which are