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Which is Affordable Website Hosting Services in India

High demand for hosting and related services have created enough competition in the market. India has now become a big market for local and international web hosting service providers. Indian young generation is looking for affordable web hosting services to achieve high potentials in their business.

It is natural for everyone to look for the best service at an affordable low cost. Here in this article, we are going to see about cost-efficient web hosting services. I have discussed answers to the few questions related to the hosting providers as following,

Why buy an affordable web hosting service provider?

The days of saying ” High cost means best quality” are now gone. In the current competitive market situation service providers focusing on the best possible quality service at the lowest possible cost. Thanks to the competition between 5000+ ranked hosting providers you can get what you desire at the lowest possible cost.

Many web hosting service providers offering single website hosting plans between $1 to $3. In this price range, you can easily have an essential hosting plan. In India many web hosting providers like Miles Web offering single site web hosting services as low as Rs 40/- per month (without CPanel).

So, you don’t have to spend extra money on web hosting when you can have a good web hosting plan within your budget. Web hosting services can fit any budget – you just have to know where to look. Those cheap hosting platforms will keep your site running smoothly at a fair price.

Is low cost hosting provider good?

A carefully chosen web hosting service provider with essential features is pretty good for beginners. They are good at the cost if you decide to buy long term hosting package, generally 3 or more years. For example, Bluehost provides a very good hosting package starting from $ 2.95 per month only if you buy for at least 3 years.

Remember, low cost is not low cost if it comes to compromising some hosting features. In short, “Always look for more reliable features at lowest possible cost”. Never compromise on required essential features.

Although, whoever just entering into the world of web hosting such as a new blogger is suggested to start with starter hosting plans. Starter plans provided by and are recommendable in such cases. As they provide every essential hosting feature and good customer support. Their intuitive registration and control process is appreciable.

What to consider while selecting affordable web hosting in India?

Focus on buying essential web hosting features rich package. Enlist your hosting requirements and for what you need hosting. How much your traffic will be. Like this many selection criteria have to be considered.

Carefully check their promised services and tenure. Often many features are proposed for first tenure only. Following features are considered essential features for cheaper starter web hosting plans

  • Free domain (mostly included in $2/mo+ plans)
  • Single website support is ok, more than one is plus benefit
  • User-friendly admin panels such as cPanel (includes 1 click script installation)
  • 10 GB+ storage for starter cheap plans
  • 100 GB+ bandwidth for starter cheap plan
  • Flexible upgrade & downgrade of plans
  • Free automatic or 1 click SSL certificate installation
  • Variety of CMS supports ie. WordPress, Joomla, Mangeto, etc
  • Site backup facility

If your web hosting provider doesn’t fit in above criteria you may save money but it will be a loss for long term hosting goal. In short “cheap will become costly if it is missing essential web hosting features.

Which is the best affordable website hosting service in India?

After considering various comparison factors such as availability of essential features & renewal cost. Here cheap hosting plan doesn’t mean only the lowest hosting price. It means you are getting more essential features at minimal starting & maintenance costs. 

Finally, after considering various selection factors including our own testing experience we are making very reliable statements as following,

We recommend for anyone who is just entering the world of website hosting. Alternatively, if you are optimistic and don’t want to compromise premium service for some dollars is your best option.